Areas of application

Private construction

A gutter system specially developed for private house and flat construction. The components are mainly used in house entrances, pavements, courtyards, house entrances and terraces.

Commercial construction

ANRIN Reinforced edgle channels and heavy duty channels are ideal for commercial and urban development. Two technically highly developed channel systems with many details for efficient line drainage. Particularly high loads in traffic areas, such as those found in freight forwarding yards, petrol stations, airports, etc., are accommodated by these dimensionally stable and weather-resistant channels.

Urban development / commune

Slotted top channels, a drainage system for the sophisticated demand for aesthetic solutions in the urban landscape. ANRIN Reinforced edge channels and Heavy duty channels complete the range of products for the versatile requirements of urban development and local authorities.

Sports facilities

For over 40 years, ANRIN has been innovatively, competently and successfully dedicated to the topic of drainage technology in sports field construction. Trend-setting systems such as the screwless artificial turf clamping system were introduced and further developed by ANRIN. The drainage of fighting tracks, the demarcation of running tracks as well as the edging of shot-putting facilities and jumping pits complete the ANRIN SPORT product range. All ANRIN SPORT construction elements meet the requirements of the IAAF, for the construction of running tracks and playing fields, as well as DIN 18035 for the drainage of sports fields.