Image brochure

Image brochure


ANRIN ISO 9001 certificate from MPA

ANRIN KOMO certification

Declaration of performance

ANRIN Declaration of performance

KE-100 / KE-150 / KE-200

ANRIN Declaration of performance

SELF-100 / SELF-150 / SELF-200

ANRIN Declaration of performance

SF-100 / SF-150 / SF-200 / SF-300

ANRIN Declaration of performance

Z-100 / Z-150


Technical data sheets

ANRIN Reinforced edge channel KE-100

ANRIN Reinforced edge channel KE-150

ANRIN Reinforced edge channel KE-200

ANRIN Reinforced edge channel KF-100

ANRIN Point inlet

ANRIN Heavy duty channel SF-100

ANRIN Heavy duty channel SF-150

ANRIN Heavy duty channel SF-200

ANRIN Heavy duty channel SF-300

ANRIN Heavy duty channel SOLID BLOCK 200

ANRIN Slotted top channels Z-100

ANRIN Slotted top channels Z-150