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08.06.2021 | ANRIN GmbH

We are pleased to present to you our new image film.

In 2020, a lot has happened at ANRIN. With LEADING WATER, we have succeeded in positioning ANRIN as an up-and-coming designer and manufacturer for drains and grates in Europe.

Our value proposition is based on individual customer requirements and stands for the greatest possible flexibility.The high quality standard is complemented by appealing designs that enable new dimensions for product innovation and user experience. Functionality is combined with aesthetics, following this guiding principle: the customer chooses the design, ANRIN provides the quality. The products are planned, developed and produced according to the specific needs of the application. Living spaces are created in which people feel comfortable. The claim LEADING WATER stands for so much more. It is the symbol of the responsibility to support the natural water cycle. Water is part of our brand DNA. That‘s why we use our expertise to responsibly and efficiently manage the element of water, the source of life. As a competent advisor, we are in direct dialog with our customers and partners and look forward to exchanging ideas with you.