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02.12.2021 | ANRIN GmbH

Managing Director Gerald Broermann in an interview with Lena Reuter: How the brand relaunch brings ANRIN's role as a design provider into focus and how Gerald Broermann is driving product innovation.

Rainwater management is also about aesthetics. For ANRIN, the design of the grates has been a key aspect of development work for many years. ANRIN is known for the highest quality standards and pioneering innovations. The focus is now deliberately extended to the design aspect to position the brand closer to its actual value system.

"Our products are part of the area design. For this, we want to offer products that not only meet quality standards, but also offer more choices in design than usual. We want to meet the aesthetic demands of our customers.

Gutter and design - do they go together?
Absolutely yes. ANRIN's gutters combine functionality & design. We offer aesthetic solutions for drainage tasks. We want to present the most efficient drainage possible with a high aesthetic standard.

The new appearance of the ANRIN brand shows our DNA, arouses emotions and represents our connection with the element of water. This is also underlined by the claim LEADING WATER. The customer experiences this user experience in all areas."

ANRIN is constantly developing new solutions. In this video, Managing Director Gerald Broermann presents the Venturi nozzle with non-return valve. For more information watch the full video.