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04.11.2021 | ANRIN GmbH

Rehabilitation of a 30 year old drainage channel

Discover our practical video guide for simple channel rehabilitation in 6 steps.

Even though drainage channels are very resistant, after a few decades it can happen that a channel needs to be rehabilitated. This often happens in areas where the channel is exposed to heavy loads. This includes, for example, entrances and exits of underground garages. In most cases, it is not the channel itself that is damaged, but the asphalt or paved area around it. The reason for this is that this area is subjected to such heavy loads when driving over it that it is damaged and eventually breaks. Once the pavement is broken and no longer fully present, the channel body and grate get the full brunt of the load that would otherwise have been applied to the entire surface. As a result, the channel eventually sustains damage as well. So it happens that even the most efficient channel needs to be replaced after a few decades because precipitation can no longer drain properly.

In our new video, we show you the simple channel renovation of a 30-year-old drainage channel and present practical step-by-step instructions for your renovation project.

Watch our practical video now, including instructions for straightforward channel rehabilitation.