Clamp stone

Material: polymer concrete
Length: 100 cm

Two highly functional and easy to install clamping systems for edging artificial turf laid in the classic manner are available in the form of the ANRIN SPORT clamping block made of polymer concrete and the ANRIN SPORT clamping rail made of galvanised stainless steel offer. The artificial turf is aligned in the clamping slot by means of the corresponding gripping rail and fixed by driving in the plastic wedges. Clamping block and clamping rail are suitable for combination with paving stones, edge plates and drainage channels. It is installed in a concrete foundation.

Product specifications Clamp stone with concrete edge
Material polymer concrete
Lenght 100 cm
Width 10.0 cm
Height 20.0 cm
Weight 21.1 kg
Image Clamp set

Clamp set

for clamping the synthetic turf in the
ANRIN SPORT clamping system consisting of plastic
consisting of plastic wedges and U-rails.
Per linear meter of clamping system 4
plastic wedges and 2 U-rails are required per linear meter of clamping system.

Operation area

Area of application
rectangular synthetic turf pitches with adjacent areas at the same height
ANRIN SPORT clamp stone and clamp rail for synthetic turf pitches
Clamp stone with 5 cm concrete edge, polymer brown
Art. 04435000
Mitre cut on clamp stone for 90° corners or clamp rail
Art. 01307600

Installation guides