NW 100 Synthetic turf

Material: polymer concrete
Length: 100 cm

The NW 100 artificial turf of the ANRIN SPORT drainage system offers the optimal solution for the drainage of all modern artificial turf systems. Two important functions are covered simultaneously by a single component here: the fixation of the artificial turf and the drainage of the adjacent areas.
Damage to the ground material is avoided thanks to the screwless clamping. By dispensing with the arrangement of metal parts on the surface, the greatest possible safety during sports is guaranteed. The channel cross-section, which has no annoying fastening components for covers and locks, facilitates cleaning and maintenance processes.

Product specifications NW 100 Sump unit Cover
Material polymer concrete polymer concrete polymer concrete
Lenght 100 cm 50 cm 100 cm
Width 18.8 cm 18.8 cm 13.0
Height 20.0 cm 56.3 cm -
Weight 25.0 kg 27.5 kg -

Operation area

Area of application
rectangular synthetic turf pitches with adjacent areas at the same height
ANRIN SPORT drainage system NW 100 synthetic turf
Clamping channel NW 100, L = 100 cm, with slotted steel grating, galvanised
Art. 04401001
Sump unit with inlet opening, with dirt trap bucket and preform for pipe socket DA/OD 110
Art. 04403001
Mitre cut on clamping channel NW 100 with web grating for 90° corners
Art. 01307600

Installation guides


Drainage system NW 100 synthetic turf
Clamping channel NW 100

• for rectangular synthetic turf pitches with adjacent areas at the same height
• straight
• slotted steel grating