Material: cast-iron (cataphoretic dip coating)
Length: 50 cm
Load class: D400*

Matching channel body

KE-100 Reinforced edge channel
Load class:
A15, B125, C250, D400*, E600*
Image Reinforced edge channel
Image WIRE

The grate is representative of the entire design line.

ANRIN reinforced edge channels

A high-tech channel system with all the details for efficient line drainage in private residential construction as well as in commercial construction and urban development. The name comes from the steel or stainless steel frames integrated into the channel profile. They protect the edge of the channel from damage and wear while also providing stability for the cover grating. This dimensionally stable and weather-proof frame can withstand the particularly high loads in traffic areas, as can occur in depots and on public roads. For variable installation of the channel elements, different types of channels can be combined within the same system. For example, channels with premoulded indents for T, corner and cross connections, or channels with an integrated vertical pipe socket to connect to a drainage system are available. The reinforced edge channels in nominal widths of 100, 150 and 200 are available for the efficient drainage of rainwater from sealed surfaces.

KE-100 Reinforced edge channel product specifications
Material galvanised steel, polymer concrete, stainless steel
Length 50 100 cm
Width 13.6 cm
Height 6.0 cm. 8.0 cm. 10.0 cm / 15.0 - 25.0 cm
Weight 9.5 - 25.5 kg
Nominal width 100
Joint formation


Clasp TwistLock fastening
Load capacity A15 (test force 15 kN) to E600 (test force 600 kN)
Grating Slotted grating HEELGUARD, Slotted steel grating and double slotted steel grating

Channel dimensions for KE-100

Image Gutter size for KE-100 Reinforced edge channel


Image <p>ANRIN UNILINK<sup>®</sup>-Joint</p>
Image 2 <p>ANRIN UNILINK<sup>®</sup>-Joint</p>

The optimised UNILINK® joint system eliminates the traditional differentiation between the beginning and end of the channel. Elements of an equal installation height can be joined in any arbitrary direction. The symmetrically divided half-joints enable the optional sealing of the splicing. Vertically aligned grooves and tongues support an efficient installation: In the process, the installation alignment can be chosen arbitrarily!

The flexibility in the design and installation phases enters a new dimension with the UNILINK® joint!

ANRIN TwistLock fastening

Image ANRIN TwistLock fastening

Decades of experience and thorough product development in the fields of installation, maintenance and cleaning of drainage systems have produced convincing solutions for durable closure technologies.

ANRIN grate closures are optimized for the respective load classes and combine safety and brand quality with functional design.

The TwistLock closure finds its application in grate designs for channels of nominal width 100 mm.


·  Put in place – one rotation – fixed
·  Assembly without special tools
·  No rattling, no loosening

·  No disruptive bars in the channel interior area
·  Maintenance-friendly
·  Resistant to corrosion

Accessorie for KE-100

Image Channel body

Channel body

100 cm
with pipe socket


Image Channel body

Channel body


Image End cap

End cap

with DA / OD 110 pipe socket


Image End cap

End cap



Image Pipe socket

Pipe socket


Image Step connector

Step connector


Image Sump unit

Sump unit

with dirt trap bucket
DA / OD 110/160 NBR seal rings


Accessories dimensions for KE-100 sump unit

Image Accessories dimensions for KE-100 sump unit

Installation instructions KE-100

ANRIN reinforced channel system made of polymer concrete

ANRIN drainage systems are designed to drain precipitation water safely and quickly. In addition, the structural elements have the task of absorbing static and dynamic loads resulting from traffic-related stresses and discharging them into the surrounding soil.

When selecting, planning and installing ANRIN drainage systems, the following technical regulations must be observed in their currently valid version.

The following installation instructions are schematic representations. They are exemplary and non-binding. The information given here is based on our many years of experience in civil engineering and road construction and on the current state of the art. Irrespective of this, planners and processors are in any case obliged to check the suitability of the products and the installation instructions. The exemplary details are simplified design proposals. Construction superstructures must be redesigned for the specific project.

Important: Insert grates during installation.

Image 1 KE-100 Installation guide


Excavate the trench.  Place base course and compact. Concrete bed (C 12/15 to class C250 ) on the base course. Add to the base course.

Image 2 KE-100 Installation guide


Connect pipe connections to the pipeline.

Image 3 KE-100 Installation guide


Place the first channel element and, if necessary, the sump unit on the concrete bed. Align components on string.

Image 4 KE-100 Installation guide


Attach end caps.

Image 5 KE-100 Installation guide


Complete the string and align components to string.

Image 6 KE-100 Installation guide


Pour foundation concrete along the channel flank.

Image 7 KE-100 Installation guide


Lay the top layer.

Image 8 KE-100 Installation guide


The covering should connect at least 4 mm higher than the cover grate.

Instructions and Regulations

Guidelines and regulations
The current guidelines and regulations of the state-of-the-art technology must be observed for the installation.

For example, these are:
DIN EN 1433 „Drainage channels for vehicular and pedestrian areas“
DIN 19580 „Drainage channels for vehicular and pedestrian areas“
RStO „Guidelines for the standardisation of the superstructure of vehicular areas“
DIN EN 206-1 „Concrete. Specification, performance, production and conformity“
DIN EN 1045-2 „Concrete, reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. Part 2: Concrete – Specification, properties,
production and conformity; Application rules for DIN EN 206-1“

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Load capacity A15

(Test force 15kN)

Load capacity B125

(Test force 125kN)

Load capacity C250

(Test force 250kN)

Load capacity D400*

(Test force 400kN)

Load capacity E600*

(Test force 600kN)

Load capacity F900*

(Test force 900kN)

* Exception: Cross-road drainage of busy roads SW = slot width / MW = mesh width

Nominal width 100

Nominal width

Nominal width 150

Nominal width

Nominal width 200

Nominal width

Nominal width 300

Nominal width

Stainless steel
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