Slotted grating OvalGrip Design

Material: cast-iron (cataphoretic dip coating)
Length: 50 cm
Load class: D400*, F900*

Matching channel body

SF-300 Heavy duty channel
Load class:
D400*, E600*, F900*
Image Heavy duty channel
Image Slotted grating OvalGrip Design

The grate is representative of the entire design line.

ANRIN heavy duty channels

A channel system for high loads in commercial construction and urban development. Developed for draining rainwater from large areas, such as depots, petrol stations, airports, etc. It uses channels with nominal widths of 100 to 300, which are characterised by their high durability and large intake capacity. The key feature of these channels is the embedded frame made of ductile cast iron. They give the channels the stability that they need to withstand the high loads generated by heavy vehicles. Another special feature of the heavy-duty channels is the building approval from the DIBt for use in storage, filling and handling plants. Just as critical for the functionality of these drainage channels is the fastening technology in the cover gratings. The RapidLock fastening developed specifically for the channels is self-locking, without requiring any additional tools, and works reliably even when they are heavily soiled.

SF-300 Heavy duty channel product specifications
Material polymer concrete
Length 50 / 100 cm
Width 36.4 cm
Height 16.0 cm. 39.0 cm
Weight 35.0 - 64.0 kg
Nominal width 300
Joint formation


Clasp RapidLock fastening
Load capacity D400 (test force 400 kN), E600 (test force 600 kN), F900 (test force 900 kN)

Channel dimensions for SF-300

Image Gutter size for SF-300 Heavy duty channel


Image <p>ANRIN UNILINK<sup>®</sup>-Joint</p>
Image 2 <p>ANRIN UNILINK<sup>®</sup>-Joint</p>

The optimised UNILINK® joint system eliminates the traditional differentiation between the beginning and end of the channel. Elements of an equal installation height can be joined in any arbitrary direction. The symmetrically divided half-joints enable the optional sealing of the splicing. Vertically aligned grooves and tongues support an efficient installation: In the process, the installation alignment can be chosen arbitrarily!

The flexibility in the design and installation phases enters a new dimension with the UNILINK® joint!

ANRIN RapidLock fastening

Image ANRIN RapidLock fastening

This patented fastening developed in-house by ANRIN combines all the  important functions of a grating lock for the accommodation of heavy loads in a stable and functional component. In addition, it is installed unobtrusively and harmonically into the attractive surface of the cast iron grating.


·  Easy to install and lock in place
·  Self-locking Rapidlock lacks the grating safely in place for traffic
·  Better accommodation of traffic loads with intermeshing of grating and channel body

·  Reliable function even when heavily soiled
·  It is locked in place and lifted out without special tools

Accessorie for SF-300

Image Channel body

Channel body


Image Channel body

Channel body

100 cm
with pipe socket


Image End cap

End cap



Image End cap

End cap

with DA / OD 110
poured pipe socket


Image Pipe socket

Pipe socket


Image Seal set

Seal set


Image Sump unit

Sump unit

upper, middle and lower part


Accessories dimensions for SF-300 sump unit

Image Accessories dimensions for SF-300 sump unit
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