Slotted grating HEELGUARD

Material: ductile-iron
Length: 50 cm
Load class: C250

Matching channel body

SELF LC-150 Plastic channel
Load class:
A15, B125, C250
Image Plastic channel
Image Slotted grating HEELGUARD

The grate is representative of the entire design line.

ANRIN plastic drainage channels

The material is particularly resistant to all chemical and organic substances and is “self-cleaning”. Shockproof, unbreakable and with exceptional performance – even in cases of high temperature fluctuations (from -40 °C to 100 °C). The material is manufactured from PE-HD. This is used to drain rain water and liquids in industry. Its ability to be combined with different cover gratings means that it can also be used in pedestrian zones, in public spaces and in residential construction.

SELF LC-150 Plastic channel product specifications
Material plastic polypropylene, polyamide (black)
Length 100 cm
Width 20.0 cm
Height 9.0. 12.5. 20.0 cm
Weight 4.6 - 19.5 kg kg
Nominal width 150
Joint formation

overlapping joint with latching system

Clasp Locking bridge
Load capacity A15 (test force 15 kN) to C250 (test force 250 kN)
Grating Mesh grating, Plastic grating, Slotted grating HEELGUARD

Channel dimensions for plastic channel LC-150

Image Gutter size for SELF LC-150 Plastic channel
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