Longitudinal profile grating

Material: stainless steel
Length: 50 cm, 100 cm
Load class: A15

Matching channel body

SELF-100 Smart channel
Load class:
A15, B125
Image channel
Image Longitudinal profile grating

The grate is representative of the entire design line.

ANRIN SELF structural elements made of resin concrete

The classic from ANRIN is a reliable helper. Whether constant rain, downpour or thaw: the ANRIN SELF-100 drainage system made of indestructible resin concrete ensures that you won’t ever have to walk through puddles on your way through the courtyard to the garage or to your home. Various gratings made of different materials are available to create an optically appealing individual design for the cover. A complete kit for the DIY segment is comprised of 1 m channel elements, 50 cm adapter elements, the matching faces as channel end caps and a 50 cm sump unit with dirt trap bucket and connection opening. As a particularly helpful tool for connection to the pipeline, the developers at ANRIN have come up with a channel version with installed pipe sockets. These make it easy to create precise connections in just a few simple steps.

SELF-100 Smart channel product specifications
Material polymer concrete
Length 50 / 100 cm
Width 12.2 cm
Height 9.6 - 10.3 cm
Weight 4.2 - 12.4 kg
Nominal width 100
Joint formation

UNILINK® joint

Clasp Clip locking
Load capacity Slotted grating HEELGUARD, galvanised steel, stainless steel, cl. A15; Mesh grating, galvanised steel, cl. B125; Longitudinal profile grating, stainless steel, cl. A15; Slotted grating OvalGrip, ductile-iron, cl. B125; Slotted grating OvalGrip, polyamide, cl. B125
Grating Longitudinal profile grating, Mesh grating, Polyamid grating OvalGrip, Slotted grating HEELGUARD, Slotted grating OvalGrip Design

Channel dimensions for SELF-100 Smart

Image Gutter size for SELF-100 Smart channel

ANRIN Snap-in fastening

Image ANRIN Snap-in fastening

Decades of experience and detailed product development in the areas of assembly, maintenance and cleaning of drainage systems have produced impressive solutions for permanent fastening technologies.

ANRIN Snap-in fastenings are optimised for the specific load classes and unite reliability and high quality with functional design.

Accessories for SELF-100 Smart

Image End cap PP made of Polypropylen

End cap PP made of Polypropylen


SELF-100 Smart

Image End cap PP made of Polypropylene

End cap PP made of Polypropylene


SELF-100 Smart

Image End cap PP made of Polypropylene

End cap PP made of Polypropylene


SELF-100 Smart

Image End cap PP made of Polypropylene

End cap PP made of Polypropylene

grey with pipe connection

SELF-100 Smart

Image SELF 100 Smart leaf mesh

SELF 100 Smart leaf mesh

SELF-100 Smart

Image Sump unit

Sump unit


SELF-100 Smart

Image Venturi insert

Venturi insert


SELF-100 Smart

Accessories dimensions for SELF-100 Smart

Image Accessories dimensions for SELF-100 Smart

SELF installation instructions

With ANRIN drainage systems, accumulating rainwater should be drained safely and quickly. Moreover, the structural elements have the task of accommodating dynamic loads arising from traffic-related demands and dispersing them to the area of the foundation.

Amongst others, the following technical rules and regulations in their respective valid versions must be observed for the selection, design and installation of ANRIN drainage systems.

The following installation guidelines are schematic representations. These are provided as examples and are non-binding. The information provided here is based on our long-term experience in excavation and road construction as well as the state-of-the-art technology. Despite this, designers and planners are always obligated to check the products and the installation instructions for their appropriateness. The example details are simplified recommendations for execution.

Constructions are to be re-created on a project-specific basis.

Image 1 SELF-100 Smart Installation guide


Excavate trench. Fill in and pre-compact base course. Apply concrete pad, 3 parts sand + 1 part cement + 1 part water, to base course.

Image 2 SELF-100 Smart Installation guide


Connect pipe connections to the pipeline.

Image 3 SELF-100 Smart Installation guide


Place channel elements and sump unit on the concrete pad. Align components so that they are level.

Image 4 SELF-100 Smart Installation guide


Position end caps.

Image 5 SELF-100 Smart Installation guide


Complete the series and ensure the level alignment of the components.

Image 6 SELF-100 Smart Installation guide


Backfill the concrete pad.

Image 7 SELF-100 Smart Installation guide


Lay the paving.

Image 8 SELF-100 Smart Installation guide


The surface should be 2 to 5 mm higher than the cover grating.

Instructions and Regulations

Guidelines and regulations
The current guidelines and regulations of the state-of-the-art technology must be observed for the installation.

For example, these are:
DIN EN 1433 „Drainage channels for vehicular and pedestrian areas
DIN 19580 „Drainage channels for vehicular and pedestrian areas
RStO „Guidelines for the standardisation of the superstructure of vehicular areas
DIN EN 206-1 „Concrete. Specification, performance, production and conformity
DIN EN 1045-2 „Concrete, reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. Part 2: Concrete – Specification, properties,
production and conformity; Application rules for DIN EN 206-1

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