Channel drainage for the load classes A 15 to E 600
Drainage and edging of sport facilities

ANRIN SELF PP Channels – the all-plastic channel system for surface drainage in residential construction

17.12.2015 | ANRIN GMBH
SELF PP Channels made of black, breakage-resistant polypropylene are particularly suitable for private residence construction. With a low part weight and a direction-independent tongue and groove system at the start and end of the channel, it is possible to lay not just linear channels, but T and corner connections as well – quickly and easily, without great expense.

The classic drainage system is available in the installation heights 070, 0100 and 0150 and can therefore be used for every conceivable application. The channel can be covered either with a slotted steel grating or plastic longitudinal–bar grating with load class A15.

The ANRIN SELF PP Channel Series is rounded off by sump units with installation heights 0100 and 0150, as well as end wall sets for all installation heights.

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New gratings for ANRIN Reinforced edge channels

14.01.2014 | ANRIN GMBH
“After finishing the revision of the channels base parts - particularly in the joint area - now there are several new designs for gratings available. Additionally to the approved slotted, meshed or perforated gratings made of galvanised or stainless steel, ANRIN is currently offering main bar - and cross bar gratings for KE-100 channels in the load classes A15 and B125. Moreover the exclusive OvalGrip design is now represented as a plastic grating made of polyamid in the load classes B125 and C250.

Also the ANRIN Heavy Duty Channels can right away be supported with cast iron gratings in the load classes D400/E600 and F900.
Neue Rostdesigns für ANRIN Kantenschutzrinnen

Hagebau Sales Staff met at modern ANRIN premises

14.01.2014 |ANRIN GMBH
At the beginning of the season, ANRIN GmbH was having the pleasure to welcome a delegation of Hagebau ‘Civil Engineering’ Sales Managers in their modern style premises, at Anröchte.
Here, a couple of innovations „made in Germany“ in the field of Drain Systems including attractive surface designs could be presented, and tested by the visitors, where the goods are produced.
After a delightful dinner in the evening, the guests had been surprised by a spontaneous musical attraction: Sales Manager Markus Stöppel, vocals, and ANRIN Sales Director Gerd Chrosziel on grand piano, celebrated some well-known RockClassics to the guests, at the Piano Bar of their hotel. Everybody was having great fun !
ANRIN Kundenservice

ANRIN product quality and quality management ...

14.01.2014 | ANRIN GMBH
The urge to set up a quality management system came from within our own company. The requirements of the building products directive and DIN ISO 1433 were rigorously implemented last year. The greater part of our products was also successfully approved by KIWA in compliance with KOMO (certificate dated 1.2.2006). The QM system under DIN EN ISO 9001 forms the basis for the organisation of all processes within the company. We endeavour to constantly improve our quality management system by motivating and training our employees, documenting faults and adopting suggestions for improvement. Certified under DIN ISO EN 9001 since 30.08.2006.

New: Optimised ANRIN DRAIN Heavy Duty System

14.01.2014 |ANRIN GMBH
ANRIN DRAIN Heavy Duty drainage system
The established technology of the ANRIN DRAIN Heavy Duty drainage system in areas of high wheel loads will be used more often in the ecological sensitive range of facilities for storing, filling and turning over pollutant substances. Therefor the ANRIN DRAIN SF System has a certification of the DIBT with the number Z-74.4-30. This permit has currently been enlarged about the add on “by material engagement between resin concrete and pipe material” .
Die ANRIN SPORT Muldenrinne H7