Turf edge plate for enclosing tracks with synthetic covering


ANRIN SPORT turf edge plate made of resin concrete is a special construction for the outside enclosing of tracks in arenas. The one-sided claw groove enables the exact handling of the synthetic covering. For simple and clean installation, the front ends are fitted with a tongue and groove system. The profiled underside of the turf edge plate and 4 symmetrically arranged bracket anchors guarantee a long-lasting and frost-proof connection to the strip foundation.

Product specifications for Turf edge plate

Product specificationsTurf edge plateTurf edge plate, curved, R = 44.1 m
Material Resin concrete Resin concrete
Length 100 cm 100 cm
Width 25.0 cm 25.0 cm
Height 6.5 cm 6.5 cm
Weight 19.0 kg 19.0 kg


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