ANRIN SPORT Drainage system tray channel

for arenas, type C and D

ANRIN SPORT tray channels made of resin concrete, with a flat and open cross-section, are an intelligent alternative for the drainage of sports facilities with unattached surfaces. As a channel without cover which is easy to clean, it is a safe and clean solution as a playing field delimiter due to the optimised height / width ratio. Each channel is equipped with 2 bracket anchors which guarantee a stable connection with the subsurface.
Installation takes place in a concrete bed of 15x35 cm; expansion joints every 20 m.

Product specifications for tray channel

Product specificationsTray channelSump unit
Material Resin concrete Resin concrete
Length 100 cm 50 cm
Width 25.0 cm 25.0 cm
Height 7.0 cm 37.5 cm
Weight 19.0 kg 22.0 kg


ANRIN provides custom solutions and possibilities for sports facility construction.
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