ANRIN SPORT Sand collecting channel

for collecting sand from long jump pits

The ANRIN SPORT sand collecting channel is comprised of a resin concrete tray with surrounding steel edge and a cover made of mesh steel grating with rubber honeycomb mat on top. For the delimiting of the sand pit against synthetic coated auxiliary surfaces, we recommend installation in single or double rows. In doing so, excessive dirtying of the synthetic covering is prevented.

Product specifications for Sand collecting channel

Product specificationsSand collecting channelLength compensationEnd cap
Material Resin concrete Resin concrete Resin concrete
Length 100 cm 67.0 und 112.0 cm -
Width 50.0 cm 50.0 cm 50.0 cm
Height 14.0 cm 14.0 cm 14.0 cm
Weight 43.0 kg 48.0 kg 2.9 kg


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