ANRIN SPORT Drainage system NW 100

Synthetic turf for rectangular synthetic turf playing fields
Clamping for the synthetic turf outside the channel

The ANRIN SPORT drainage system NW 100 synthetic turf is the optimal solution of the drainage of all modern synthetic turf facilities. Two important functions are simultaneous addressed by one single component: the fastening of the synthetic turf and the drainage of the auxiliary surfaces. The screw-less clamping prevents damage to the covering material. By dispensing with metal parts on the surface, the greatest possible safety is assured for sports. The channel cross-section, without disruptive fastening parts of covers and locking mechanisms, facilitates cleaning and maintenance processes.

Product specifications for NW 100

Product specificationsNW 100Sump unitCover
Material Resin concrete Resin concrete Galvanised steel
Length 100 cm 50 cm 100 cm
Width 18.8 cm 18.8 cm 13.0 cm
Height 20.0 cm 56.3 cm  
Weight 25.0 kg 27.5 kg  


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