ANRIN SPORT Drainage system 125 slotted channel

slotted channel for arenas with equal level playing field
Design with level surface for coating with track surface
Rinne 125 C.5 – C.8 / R.5 - R.8

For the increasing number of arenas with equal-level playing fields, the ANRIN SPORT drainage system NW125 slotted channel was developed. This system guarantees a high degree of variability in relation to various facility areas. The avoidance of tripping edges increases the convenience of use and simplifies care.
In order to conform with the regulations of the international track and field association, it is sufficient, when necessary (e.g. in the event of a competition), to provide the channel bodies along the inside of the track with a mobile edge rail or plastic cover.

Produktspezifikation for channel 125 C.5 – C.8 and channel 125 R.5 – R.8

Product specifications125 C.5 – C.8 125 R.5 – R.8Cover
Material Resin concrete Resin concrete Plastic
Length 100 cm 100 cm 100 cm
Width 16.0 cm 16.0 cm 16.0 cm
Height 18.7 - 20.0 cm 18.7 - 20.0 cm 5.0 cm
Weight 22.5 - 26.0 kg 24.0 - 26.0 kg -


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