ANRIN SPORT Cable distributor shaft

for permanent and temporary cabling of sport facilities

ANRIN SPORT cable distributor shafts organise permanent and temporary cabling of sport facilities. Connected to empty conduit below the track and playing field areas, it enables fault-free operation of power, data and media networks. The shaft body made of resin concrete has a surrounding steel case and perforations for empty conduit on all sides. The open base is provided with a drip packing. The coverhas an installation panel to accommodate the plug connections and has an opening with cable tension relief.

Product specifications for Cable distributor shaft

ProduktspezifikationenCable distributor shaftCoatable coverCorrugated sheet
Material Resin concrete Galvanised steel Galvanised steel
Length 60.0 cm 60.0 cm 60.0 cm
Width 60.0 cm 60.0 cm 60.0 cm
Height 60.0 cm - -
Weight 57.0 kg - -


ANRIN provides custom solutions and possibilities for sports facility construction.
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