ANRIN SELF yard sump

SELF yard sump in various designs

ANRIN offers two variants of covers for the SELF Sump Yard. A slotted cast iron grating of ductile cast iron and a slotted steel grating of galvanized steel. The Slot widths of 10 mm prevent from washing in dirt and coincidently will guarantee an optimum water inlet. The load capacity of both variants of covers is dimensioned for passenger car traffic in residential area.

Product specifications for yard sump

Product specifications

SELF yard sump
with galv. Slotted steel grating
SELF yard sump
with slotted cast iron grating
SELF yard sump
Raising piece
Material Resin concrete Resin concrete Resin concrete
Length 25 cm 25 cm 25 cm
Width 25 cm 25 cm 25 cm
Height 35 cm 35 cm 25 cm
Weight 15.4 kg 19.8 kg 5.8 kg
Drain DA/OD 110 DA/OD 110 DA/OD 110
Load capacity Drivable cl. B125 Drivable
Cover Slotted steel grating Slotted cast iron grating Slotted steel/cast iron grating

Dimensions for yard sump



Always begin the installation of the channel string at the lowest point of the surface with the installation of the sump unit. In doing so, you will achieve the optimal drainage of rainwater to the sewer system.