SELF boot scrapers

SELF comfort boot scrapers in three practical sizes

SELF Komfort-Schuhabstreifer
In order to keep entry areas to home clean and dry and for a presentable design, all ANRIN SELF comfort boot scrapers are integrated into the new ground surface. As a result, dirt always remains outside your door, even under heavy demands. Modern diamond or mesh grating made of galvanised steel and aluminium grating with rubber or needle-felt strips offer the right solution for every use.

Product specifications for SELF comfort boot scrapers

Product specifications smallmediumlarge
Material Resin concrete Resin concrete Resin concrete
Length 60 cm 75 cm 100 cm
Width 40 cm 50 cm 50 cm
Height 8 cm 8 cm 8 cm
Weight 11.7 kg 19.7 kg 22.9 kg
Drain DA/OD 110 DA/OD 110 DA/OD 110
Edge type Steel edge rail, 6 mm, galvanised Steel edge rail, 6 mm, galvanised Steel edge rail, 6 mm, galvanised
Cover gratings Freely selectable Freely selectable Freely selectable

Dimensions for SELF comfort boot scrapers



Always begin the installation of the channel string at the lowest point of the surface with the installation of the sump unit. In doing so, you will achieve the optimal drainage of rainwater to the sewer system.