ANRIN DRAIN Reinforced edge channels

KF-100 with black cast iron edge rail GJS - Example installation

With ANRIN drainage systems, accumulating rainwater should be drained safely and quickly. Moreover, the structural elements have the task of accommodating dynamic loads arising from traffic-related demands and dispersing them to the area of the foundation. Amongst others, the following technical rules and regulations in their respective valid versions must be observed for the selection, design and installation of ANRIN drainage systems.

The following installation guidelines are schematic representations. These are provided as examples and are non-binding. The information provided here is based on our long-term experience in excavation and road construction as well as the state-of-the-art technology. Despite this, designers and planners are always obligated to check the products and the installation instructions for their appropriateness. The example details are simplified recommendations for execution. Constructions are to be re-created on a project-specific basis.

Important: Insert gratings for the installation.
1 In-situ road concrete
2 Base course
3 Concrete cladding of the channel body
4 Gravel base (frost-protection layer)
5 Prefabricated concrete sheets and / or
   stone systems
6 Paving bed